2 Great Ways To Increase Web Site Traffic

These two traffic building techniques have been mentioned many times before but I felt like they should be re-introduced again. If you are like most small internet businesses it is very important to receive all of the free traffic you can get. Keeping the advertising budget down can mean the difference between making a profit or not.

I have found in my many years of web site promotion that you just can’t beat free classifieds or free traffic exchange programs.

Free classifieds sites are a magnet for quality targeted visitors. When someone searches within the site they will be sent right to your keyword rich ad. Most free classified sites offer free photo uploads and URL listings. Most will allow you to run your ad for as long as a month with several renewal periods. Also, in order to stay on top of your category most sites will allow multiple ad submissions weekly. It may seem like your ad is buried deep in a zillion ads but believe it or not most people take advantage of the site’s search capabilities. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of what these free classifieds web sites have to offer. Just think if you placed an ad on ten sites daily what kind of traffic you will receive.

Another great web site promotion tool is traffic exchange sites. If you sell a product that deals with internet marketing or web site promotion, traffic exchange sites are for you. Yes, I know that there are many other sites promoting the same thing but if you have something to offer they will visit. You may even find an advertiser that offers something that can help you promote your site. Many traffic exchange sites offer free sign-up and allow you to generate as many surf credits as you would like by clicking and surfing other sites. Join several of these sites and dedicate an hour each day surfing several of these traffic exchange sites at one time. Again, take advantage of what these sites offer and see how many new visitors you will receive. If you find that you do not have time to sit and surf many of these sites offer low credit cost. When a promotion is on you can buy thousands of credit for less than a penny a credit.

Now these two techniques might be monetarily free but not free from hard work and time. In order to take full advantage of these techniques you will have to set aside some time each night. Good luck.

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