Internet Marketing – Why Less People Succeed at Making Money Online

More and more people today are looking for a second income. Whether it is to fund a vacation, the college tuition, or just to “make ends meet”; today’s economic times are pushing more people to find additional cash flow. Internet Marketing is one of the fastest growing and profitable businesses today and a source through which many people see as an avenue to gain financial freedom. This freedom, they hope, will allow them more time with family, the opportunity to travel the world and pay their bills before the dreaded call by the creditors.

Trying to find a legitimate online business opportunity can be a frustrating experience, especially if you are a newbie to the world of internet marketing. The main challenge is that there are so many well presented packages available that look great and promises to make you rich overnight. You have seen them all too many times- the mansion on the beach-side-maybe somewhere in the Caribbean possibly, a man or woman standing beside the latest model Audi A6 Sedan and a snap shot of an account showing a seven figure income. Are these legitimate claims? Maybe, but it is not very difficult to set up these pictures in photo-shop. Hello? This is the era of advanced technology, so it is highly possible to create those impressions.

If you are to conduct any research on the internet about making money online and the terms that are associated to that keyword, you will read many reports that 95% of people in Direct Sales or Network Marketing are failing to achieve the intention they first decided to start a career in internet marketing. This is a two part article which seeks to note possible reasons for the success of the 5% who have managed to set themselves above the alarming failing majority. These may not be the most common of the reasons, but they are worth some amount of consideration.

Reason # 1: Top Internet Marketers are Serious

Which successful person can you point to, who did not demonstrate an attitude of seriousness towards accomplishing his/her goals? None, right? I thought so. Believe it or not, the success you have achieved or the lack of it can be linked to the level of your determination to turn off the television, surfing the net idly or socializing with your friends when you know you have a business to build. The top internet marketers, if you have had any conversations with any of them, will tell you to stay with your nine to five job if you do not intend to be focused and exert the work needed to fulfill your dreams. It’s those who take action and do not make excuses that will live the abundant life.

Reason # 2: Top Internet Marketers are Goal Oriented

Can you honestly say that you are a person that sets goals to accomplish your dreams? If not, then that puts a great gulf between you and the 3-4% of people you make it big on the internet. You can have a wonderful business model or idea that in your estimation will be successful, but chances are, if you do not have calculated goals then you will not make it online. Without having to go through any scholarly definition of what a goal is, it would be remiss of me if I did not mention that goal clarity is the beginning of most successful accomplishments. When thinking about what you want to fulfill in this life, always remember that that goals should be clear, specific and written descriptions of your future endeavors. It begins with a clear focus of:

1. Where you want to go
2. When you want to arrive
3. How you are going to get there

Reason # 3: Top Internet Marketers Know How to Market

Would you give raw meat to a vegetarian? Yeah, if you are not in your right mind! This reason is one of the most important of them all. Successful internet marketers are aware of the skills and strategies being used to roll in the big bucks. They do not use out-dated marketing strategies that make them broke before they earn their first dollar. Unfortunately, too many newbie marketers and those who have been using the internet from “dinosaurs” years ago are many times being fed misleading and inaccurate information. Have you ever said to yourself, ‘There has to be a better way?’

Reason # 4: Top Internet Marketers Do Not Fear Rejection

Many people are leaving a lot of money on the table and one of the main reasons for this is, they procrastinate in connecting with their prospects, for fear of rejection. Top internet marketers do not experience rejection. You see, your prospects will respond to your offer by either making a prejudgment or an objection. If you perceive an objection as a rejection, then your longevity in direct sales will be short. The five main objections that you will most likely receive are:

1. I do not have the money
2. Let me think about it
3. I really do not have the time
4. Let me talk about it with my partner or relative (third party approval)
5. I have to do my research first (15% actually conduct their research, the reaming 85% are emotionally driven)

If you understand why people do the things they do, chances are you will be better able to take the focus off yourself and carry your prospects through the objections you will likely meet in your network marketing business.

Reason #5: Top Internet Marketers Welcome Failure

There are too many people who believe that after writing their first article or uploading their videos to YouTube about their business opportunity, then they can retire from their job. Top internet marketers do not share this sentiment. Rarely is the case, when someone who starts an online business opportunity will fire their boss the next day. There is no such thing as overnight success. Being at the top of your game requires that you will accept the fact, that there will be hurdles in your path before you actually see the results you are hoping to achieve. Your duration in the game will be dependent on your will to succeed. Time will not permit me to go through all the names of people in history who failed many times before they became established. If you decide to shut the door on internet marketing because you failed a couple of times, just remember that it is a decision you have made regarding your abilities and perseverance- NOT that internet marketing does not work, which so many who have left the game end up touting.

Do you have what it takes to be a top internet marketer? People who possess these traits always do better at building their online businesses.

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